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SHIPS FROM IRELAND TO EARLY AMERICA, 1623-1850, Volume II by David Dobso
n. (found on ancestry.com) Copyright 2004, notes:

James of London ship, 70 tons, master Alexander Adair, arrived in Charlest
on, South Carolina, on 8 May 1732 from Dublin. 
Alexander Adair
2 Land records show "Armell F. Adair" buying 40 acres of property in Perry C
o. Alabama, on Sept. 12, 1835.
Doc. #13314
Accession #AL-390

Land records show "Armel F. Adair of Perry Co., Ala." buying 2 properti
es on Feb. 27, 1841 in Oktibbeha Co., Ala.
Doc. #15627 - 39.12 acres.
Doc. #16372 - 319.68 acres.

Marriage license application was found in Lauderdale Co., Meridian, Mis
s. and it listed Armel F. Adair and Eliza Jane Craig. The application w
as made in 1844 and is registered in Book A, on page 146.

On the 1846 Kemper Co., Ms. Tax List was listed Armel Adair and Zadock Ada

Limestone County is the eastern portion of what became Falls Co. and inclu
des a small portion in the northern sections that became McLennan Co. (bo
th in 1850) The following resided on the east side of the Bazos River wh
en the county was created on January 28, 1850: (Precinct #5 of 11-19-1850)

A. F. Adair 38 Male Farmer Born: Ky. Real Estate $100; Family 310
Eliza Jane 26 Female Born: Alabama
John C. 5 Male Born: Miss.
Wm. W. 3 Male Born: Miss.
Fulgum, Joseph 13 Male Born: La. Listed as an "idiot"

In a book entitled: Attala Co., Mississippi Pioneers reads:

Page 166: August 6, 1849, Armell F. Adair sold to John Blain for $250, la
nd descrp. S.W. quarter of Section 18, Township 16, Range 9 E., 160 acr
es in Deed Book A.

Was on tax list for 1847 in Attala Co., Miss. 
Armel F. Adair
3 The 1800 Fed. Census shows the following living in Laurens Co., S.C. also.
Alexander, Elisha, James Jr., James(2), John and Joseph.

Revolutionary War Muster Rolls 1775-83
Benjn Adair, private, roll box 81
Dennis Adair, Private, roll box 81
Dinis Adair, private, roll box 81
James Adair, Corp., roll box 126
James Adair, private, roll box 126
James Adair, private, roll box 126
John Adair, Corporal, roll box 121
John Adair, Matross, roll box 121
William Adair, Corporal, roll box 75
William Adair, private, roll box 74
William Adair, sergeant, roll box 72
William Adair, sergeant, roll box 72

1800 Federal Census, South Carolina, Laurens Co.
Benjamin Adair
Males0-10= 2
10-16= 1
16-26= 1
45+= 1
Females10-10= 2
10-16= 1
26-45= 1
45+= 1
No slaves

1810 Fed. Census shows Benjamin Adair, Jr. in Laurens Co, S. C. list
ed as living with; 2 males (between 10-16 yrs) 1 male (between 16 & 26 yr
s) 1 female (under 10 years) 2 females (between 16 &26 yrs) and 1 female (
45 & over), and two slaves.

1820 Federal Census, Laurens County, S. C.
Benjamin Adair
Malesunder 10=1
Females45 & up=1

1830 Federal Census, Hinds Co., Mississippi (this is Benjamin Jr. P
ut on on record!!!!!)
Benjamin Adair
MalesUnder 5=1

Benjamin Adair, Sr.'s will was probated at Laurens Co., S. C . in 1823, a
nd his son, John Adair, was the executor under the will. All of his child
ren jointly filed a final report on the estate and listed his sons and dau
ghters and daughters's spouses. (at the time of the filing (1827) almo
st all of the children were living in Perry Co., Ala.)

Benjamin Adair is buried in the Union County Cemetery, Laurens Co., S. C.
Benjamin Adair, Sr.
4 Served in the U.S. Army, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, from July 27, 1935 - July 2
6, 1941. Discharged as a Sgt.

Service List for Dad's service with the Methodist Church in Texas

6/12/49 to 6/10/50 Drasco and Pumphrey Methodist churches
6/11/50 to 6/09/51 Mullin and Zephyr Methodist churches
6/10/51 to 6/12/52 Zephyr Methodist Church
6/13/52 to 6/03/54 Hughes Springs Methodist Church
6/04/54 to 6/02/55 Queen City Methodist Church
6/03/55 to 6/05/58 Lexington Methodist Church
6/06/58 to 6/02/60 Lufkin Forrest Park Methodist Church
6/03/60 to 6/08/61 East Bernard Methodist Church
6/09/61 to 6/12/63 Lone Star and Mims Chapel Methodist churches
6/13/63 to 6/04/64 China Methodist Church
6/05/64 to 6/08/67 Ore City Methodist Church
6/09/67 to 6/03/70 Hempstead Methodist Church
6/04/70 to 5/31/72 Cedar Street Methodist Church (Tyler)
Dad had a heart attack in 1972 and was on emergency sustentation with t
he Methodist church from 6/01/72 to 5/29/74.
He was on disability status with the Methodist church from 5/30/74 to 6/03
He was officially retired from the Methodist Church on 6/04/81until 7/17/8
Dad died on 7/18/88. 
J. Purifoy Adair
5 Per JeffPlane@aol.com on Dec. 11, 2001 at RootsWeb: ADAIR-L mailing list:

"From Deed Book 3, Page 246, Lancaster County, PA, from Joshua Low, and wi
fe to Elijah Jenkens, dated Oct. 9, 1810:

"Whereas Joseph Adair by virtue of a proprietary grant dated the 20th d
ay of August 1750 had surveyed unto him about the year 1757 certain 289 ac
res three quarters of land in Little Britain township with the usual allow
ance and by Deed Poll(?) dated the 9th of October 1764 the said Joseph Ada
ir and Sarah his wife did grant the same land to Samuel Coulson......"

History of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, with Biographical Sketches of M
any of its Pioneers and Prominent Men., Chapter LVI. Fulton Township, pa
ge 850, at http://www.pa-roots.com/~lancaster/books/ee/index.html: states

"Joseph Adair also occupied a large tract in the southeastern section of t
he township, his survey being returned four hundred and twenty-two acr
es by warrant of Aug. 20, 1750. He sold two hundres and eight-seven and t
hree-quarter acres to Samuel Coulson, October 29, 1764, the balance havi
ng been previously transferred to James Hanna. Coulson failed soon afte
r, and the sheriff sold the above (with other land of his) to David Jenkin
s, Aug. 7, 1767."

From Hawbacker and Groff, A New Index: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Befo
re the Federal Census, Volume 3, Index to the 1750 Tax Records, page 1 sta

"A Joseph Addair was in Little Britain Township in Lancaster County (Fult
on Township was carved out of Little Britain Township quite a number of ye
ars after the focus of this activity.) He was on the tax rolls there in 1
754, as "Adair" in 1756, and with the notation "Cooper" in 1758."

JeffPlan@aol.co further states: "Thus there was a Joseph Adair, who w
as a cooper, in Little Britain Township, PA, by 1750/ His wife when the l
and was sold was Sarah. A Joseph "Eldare" and Sarahy "Lifferty" were marr
ied in 1746 in the Old Swedes Church in Wilmington, DE, and James Adair, w
ho is shown to be a son of Joseph Adair in both deed and probate recor
ds in Laurens County, was born in 1747 according to James' tombstone in Br
ookville, IN. The Joseph Adair in the Laurens area is called a coop
er in various instruments, and it is well documented that Joseph's seco
nd wife, Susannah Long, had to have married him well after he moved to Sou
th Carolina."

Owned 250 acre land grant, which is the present site of the Duncan Creek P
resbyterian Church, Laurens Co., S. C. This was sold in 1778 to Benjam
in Adair.

He was buried in Duncans Creek Cemetery. His will, dated January 9, 178
8, stated that he gave and bequeathed to his wife, Susanna, all my sto
ck of black cattle and hogs, with all the pewter of my dresser, and 160 C
ontinental dollars which is in the hands of my son Joseph Adair and all t
he store of my grain, farming tools, beds and bedstead. At her decea
se to go to my son James Adair; also to my son Joseph Adair, the remiand
er of the Continental money that remains in his hands....to son James Adai
r, half of my coopers tools and other utensils belonging to my trade...
to my son Benjamin Adair, the other half of my Coopers tools...also ha
lf of that 20 dollars old currency for which he was to have pailled a Gra
ve Yard which he never performed; also to my daughter Jean Rammage, my bra
ss scale to my daughter Sarah Adair, the other half of the 20 dollars...
to my Daughter, Mary Owens, my bigest Iron Pott, and to her husband John O
wins, half of the sawed plank..to Robert Long, my son in law, the other ha
lf of the sawed plank.......sons Joseph and James, Executors..

It was signed Joseph Adair Sr.

(Mary Owens' maiden name was Long and was Susannah's daughter by her fir
st marriage. Mary's husband's name was John)

In 1790, the Fed. Census shows two Joseph Adair's living in South Carolin
a, in Laurens County:

Joseph Adair, book index page 74, with one male 16 and up and 3 males und
er 16 and three females.
Joseph Adair, book index page 74, with 4 males 16 and up and 1 male und
er 16 and 4 females.

In the 1800 Fed. Census shows only one Joseph Adair in South Carolina in L
aurens Co.

Was a soldier and commissary in the American Arm, War of the Revolutio
n, at the age of 70.

A petition was circulated before 1780 in support of Colonel James Willia
ms who was killed at the Battle of Kings Mountain. It has been called t
he Col. James Williams Petition and the Little River Brigade Petition. O
ne of the originals is in the South Caroliniana Library and anoth
er is at Duke University. The copy from the Caroliniana Library is sign
ed by 64 men, who may have been from the area around what is now Spartanbu
rg Co. The one at Duke University has the signatures of 24 men from Laure
ns Co. A signature on this petition could provide extremely good eviden
ce for Revolutionary War Service. Some of the names on the list were:
Robt. McCrery, Lt. Col., George Davis, Capt., Matthew McCrarey, Lieut., W
m. Arther, Capt., Alexander Adair, Benjamin Adair, Isaac Adair, James Adai
r, Sener., James Adair, Junr., Son of James, Jms. Adair, John Adair, Jo
hn Adair, Sener, Joseph Adair, Juner., William Adair, James Craige, Willi
am Craig, Samuel Ewing, Thomas Ewing, John Owens, and John Ramage.


Adair, Joseph, Sr.
B. 1711
D. 1801
m. 1. Sarah Laferty
2. Susannah Long
He served as a commissary of the Little River Regiment under Col. Case
y. From 20 August 1781 to March 1782, he served under Col. Washington a
nd others. Patriot Index; A.A. 23; X1955.

The 1790 Federal Census shows the following:
2 Adairs in New York
2 in Pennsylvania
3 in Maryland
1 in North Carolina (Stephen Adair- 166 Salisberry Drist, Montgomery Co.)
11 in South Carolina

The 1800 Federal Census shows the following for Laurens Co., S. C .
Joseph Adair
males 0-10 yrs = 1
males 45+ yrs = 1
females 45+ yrs = 1
slaves = 7 
Joseph Adair, Sr.
6 He was a Presbyterian minister.
Married his cousin, Jean Adair, daughter of Sir Robert Adair and his wif
e, Jean Edmondstone. Patrick's father, John Adair, was half brother to Rob
ert Adair, father of Jean.

He was one of the negotiators in 1672 for the first "regium donum." grant
ed by Presbyterians by Charles II.

He wrote "A True Narrative of the Rise and Progress of the Presbyterian Go
vernment in the North of Ireland."

In the book "The Scotch-Irish or the Scots in N. Britain, N. Ireland a
nd N. America" by Charles Hanna, New York, N.Y., G. P. Putnam 1902.

In Chapter XXXVII (Church Rule in Ireland and and its' results), is writte
n: "On the 7th of May, 1646, Mr. Patrick Adair was (need get book and f
inish sentence).

In Chapter XXXVIII (Londonderry and Ennis Killen), Presbytery of Antri
m, is written: "Patrick Adair, Cairncastle."

Patrick Adair
7 Rial lived with the Charlie Broyles family until marrying Claudia.

New Hope Baptist Church Records, Henderson County, Texas, shows:
Rial Adair Name of member
How and when joined - Exp. & Bapt. Sept. 1887
How dismissed - Exc. - March 1999

First Note: Letter dated 11/1972 from Aunt Avis Adair

1. Rial did not want to talk about Molly's death
2. Questions had to be asked of him before he would give any infomation
3. Rial was very bitter with the Freemans, the relatives of Molly,
for taking Connie away
4. The Freemans' kidnapped Connie and took him into Louisiana and into t
he "cane breaks."
5. Rial went to Louisiana and stole him back
6. Connie was "stolen" while Rial was at work
7. Rial followed them but lost their tracks in the river (or branch of wa
8. Rial hunted them for years
9. He was told by someone where he could find Connie
10. Rial went to a place near New Orleans in the cane breaks where the
Freeman's lived
11. Connie had been left with a family
12. Rial let Connie live with the Charlie Broyles (Rial's Aunt Mary's hus
band) until he married Claudia Ophelia Burgamy Belcher
13. Avis answered an ad in the "lost relatives column" which had stated
that they were wanting to know the whereabouts of Rial and his son
Connie - the ad was signed by Charles Freeman
14. Mr. Charles Freeman and his son can to visit Rial from Texarkana,
15. Rial and Charles cried and hugged when they met
16. Rial and Charles corresponded for some time.

1900 Federal Census Henderson Co., Tx., ED 59 image 21 ancestry.com

Adair, William P.6/187426Tx.Tx.Tx
" Mary E.1/187822Tx.Tx.Tx.
" George W.8/1895 4Tx.Tx.Tx. (son)
" William F.3/1897 2Tx.Tx.Tx. (son)
" Henry A.2/1899 1Tx.Tx.Tx. (son)
" Rily A.8/187029 Tx.Tx.Tx.(brother, widower)
" Coney9/1894 5Tx.Tx.Ga. (nephew)

1910 Federal Census of Henderson County, Texas
District 16, page 8B (image 16 on Ancestry.com)
Enumerated April 27, 1910

Adair, Rial age 37 B: TX. Fath. Ms. Moth. Ala.
" Claudia O.age 37 B: Ga. Fath. Ga. Moth. Ga.
" Connie (son)age 15 B: Tx. Fath. Tx. Moth. Ga.
" Lela M. (dau.)age 7 B: Tx.
" Armel (son) age 7/12 B: Tx.
Belcher, Orrie M. (stepson) age 17 B: Tx. Fath. Tx. Moth. Ga.
" Lou E. (stepdaughter) age 13 B: Tx. Fath. Tx. Moth. Ga.
Burgamy, Talula (mother-in-law) age 64 B: Ga. Fath. Ga. Moth. Ga.

1920 Federal Census of Henderson County, Texas
Prec. 4, E.D. 21, p. 2b
Enumerated January 9, 1920

Adair, Rial49 years
" Lela May16 years
" Armel 9 years
" J. P. 4 years & 1/12 mos.


The deth angel has visited in our community since our last report and clai
med for its victim, Mr. R. A. Adair and "Aunt" Betty Barton. Funeral serv
ices for Mr. Adair were conducted on Thursday afternoon with Rev. Roy Gib
bs of Chandler in charge, interment folowing the local cemetery. He had b
een missing since Monday afaternoon but is body was not discovered until W
ednesday. Death was attributed to heart trouble. "Uncle" Rial, as he w
as familiarly known, was loved and respected by all who knew him and wi
ll be greatly missed by everyone. A large number of relatives mourn his l
oss. He had long been a member of the Methodist Church.


Athens Weekly Review
Thursday, September 29,1938


After being absent from the home of his son for three days, the bo
dy of R. A. Adair, 67, of near Brownsboro, was found late Wedensday aftern
oon on the farm of his son, A. G. Adair, in the Brownsboro communit
y. He was a brother of Dewitt Adair of Athens.

The body of the aged Henderson county citizen was found by his daughter-in
-law, Mrs. A. G. Adair, who was a member of a searching party.

Deceased was last seen alive on Monfday afternoon but no search was starat
ed immediately as he frequently visited other relatives in the vicinity.

The body was found in a field where he had been clearing ground.

Funeral services were held at 11 o'clock Thursday morning at the Leaguevil
le cemetery with Rev. Roy Gibbs, past of the First Methodist Church of Cha
ndler, in charge.

He is survived by three sons, A. G., C. A., and J.P. Adair, all of near Br
ownsboro; one daughter, Mrs. Lela May Richardson, of Brownsboro; three bro
thers, Price Adair, Brownsboro; Dewitt Adair, Athens, and Charles Adair. 
Rial Armel Adair
L. VI, page 714 
Robert Adair
Thomas Adair (b. Antrim, Ire.; son of Alexander, and gson of Rev. Patri
ck Adair, who m. his cousin, Jean,dau.of the 1st Sir Robert Adair, of C
o. Antrim). Came from North of Ire., 1730; settled in Chester Co., Pa
.; to S. C. ca. 1750; to develop the Adair Grant, nr. The Waxaw Colony, (n
ow Laurens Co., S. C.) m. in Ireland.

From the book "Touring Guide To Ireland."

A poem "Beside the Fire" by T. W. Rolleston:

Where glows the Irish hearth with peat
There live a subtle spell -
The faint blue smoke, the gentle heat,
The moorland odours tell

Of white roads winding by the edge
Of bare, untamed land,
Where dry stone wall or ragged hedge
Runs wide on either hand

To cottage lights that lure you in
From rainy western skies;
And by the friendly glow within
Of simple talk and wise.......

Also, in this same book:

Adare, Ath Dara:
Ford of the Oak, Limerick
Sited on the River Maigue, this delightfully tranquil village of careful
ly thatched cottages and broad, tree-lined streets owes its unique qualiti
es to Edwin, 3rd Earl of Dunraven. He lived during the 19th century and w
as considered one of the best "improving" landlords; he was also an author
ity on early-Irish architecture.

The community's story starts in the 13th century, when the occupying Norma
ns found themselves confronted by a formidable castle built by the O'Donov
an family. This was rebuilt in 1326 by the Earl of Kildare, enlarged a
nd strengthened at various times by his successors, and finally dismantl
ed by Cromwellian troops in 1657. During its turbulent history it suffer
ed assault by both native and foreign forces. Surviving remains inclu
de a ruined square keep surrounded by a battlemented rampart with semi-cir
cular bastions. Access to the south gate was by drawbridge across a fos
se which may have formed part of a ringfort. The castle's Great Hall stan
ds near the river and displays interesting 13th century windows. To the ea
st of this are the remains of a second, more recent hall, including trac
es of a 15th century kitchen and bakery.

The friary was founded by the 7th Earl of Kildare in 1464, and the reasona
bly complete remains include a nave, choir, and south transept of late Iri
sh-gothis origin. The friary was restored by the Earl of Dunraven in 1875

In the village, close to the fine 14-arch bridge which spans the Maigue, a
re the remains of an Augustinian friary which was founded 1316.

In the center of the village is the Trinitarian Monastery, founded by Loa
rd Ossory in 1230. This now serves as the present parish church and is t
he only dedication to the Trinitarian Canons of the Redemption of Captiv
es known to have survived in Ireland.

Adair Manor has been the family home of the Earls of Dunraven since the m
id 17th century. The present neo-gothic building stands on the si
te of a smaller Georgian house and was begun by the 2nd Earl of Dunrav
en in 1832.

From the same book:

Ballymena, An Baile Meanach
The Middle town, Antrim
Ballymena stands on land received by William Adair of Kinhilt (in Scotlan
d) from Charles I. In the 18th century the Adair and Hickey families intr
oduced a linen industry which ensured the town its continuing importance a
nd prosperity. In 1798 a body of United Irishmen battled through the stre
ets with English forces and held the community for a full three days.

Where was Adair's port of entry to U.S.? If it was Baltimore, which was t
he most popular destination for emigrants. Many such emigrants soon we
nt on to Pennsylvania, Virginia, or the Carolinas.

The social ladder at that time was made up of the gentry, represented by t
he 1 or 2 percent of the heads of household whose names were accompani
ed by a title - captain, major, or esquire. These people of their class d
id not do manual labor was obvious from their clothing; gentlemen attir
ed themselves in linen waistcoats and shirts with ruffled lace cuffs, a
nd genteel women wore dresses of silk or fine linen. By contrast, did t
he Adairs wear clothes made from coarse, practical fabrics - canvas or rou
gh wool - and had small estates?

Although they emigrated from Ireland to America, , ethnically they were Sc
ottish? Their ancestors had gone to Ulster, Ireland, in the early and mid
dle 1600s as colonists in England's effort to subdue Ireland by populati
ng it with Protestants. This "plantation of Ulster," as the colonizati
on of northern Ireland was called, was, of course only one migration amo
ng many in which English and Scottish people participated in the 1600s.

In the early seventeenth century Ulster was no less a frontier than New En
gland. Ulster Scots initially lived in shelters every bit as primiti
ve as the American pioneers' log cabins. The Ulstermen also had to transp
lant Presbyterianism, the religion of the Scots, to a new land and wrest c
ontrol of the Irish countryside from hostile natives. This latter task w
as no easy enterprise. The native Irish, driven from their lands into swa
mp and forest retreats, were just as much a menace to the Scots on the Uls
ter frontier as the Indians were to whie pioneers in North Americ
a. As a result the Scotch-Irish migrants to the American colonies in t
he seventeenth century came as experienced homesteaders who skills in anti
-guerrilla warfare were readily adaptable to the American frontier.

Betweeb 1717 and 1776 an estimated quarter of a million Ulster Scots join
ed the transatlantic migration. Deteriorating conditions in Ireland - ris
ing rents, religious and polical discrimination against Presbyterians, a
nd economic disasters - provided the main impetus. Severe droughts and ye
ars of poor harvests accounted for a pattern of especially heavy migrati
on during five peak periods: 1717-18, 1725-29, 1740-41, 1754-55, and 1771
-75. The chief drawing power of England's North American colonies was t
he availability of cheap land, and as the location of the most readily ava
ilable cheap land shifted, so did the ultimate desitnations of the migrant
s. Before 1740 the most accessible inexpensive land was in Pennsylvani
a, a colony whose proprietor, William Penn, was tolerant of the Scots' Pre
sbyterian convictions.

"Immigrants to New World 1600-1800's (CD Fbg. Gen. Lib.)
Scotch Immigrants in New York 1774-1775" was listed William Adair 1740; di
ed in 1763. In 1738, Captain Lauchlin Campbell of Isla, brought over a num
ber of Scotch Highlanders, who were followed in 1739, 1740, 1742 by othe
rs - State Hall, Albany. Shipped at Stranraer on 5/16/1774 on board the "
Gale" of Whitehaven bound for New York. Henry Jefferson was Master.

Also on same CD as above was noted: "Emigrants to Penn. 1641-1819, Servan
ts and Apprentices Bound and Assigned before James Hamilton, Mayor of Phil
".: William Adair, servant to Wm. Campbell, of Chester Co., Pa. with cons
ent of master goes as servant to Wm. Clymer of Phil., mariner, for two yea
rs. Consideration 8 lbs. 15 pence(?) and customary dues.

Some say that that Thomas Adair was born in 1680 in Ulster, Antrim, Northe
rn Ireland and died aft. 1775 at Duncans Creek, Laurens Co., S. C. Also t
hat he was married in 1703 in Portpatrick, Wigtown, Scotland. They also s
tate that his wife was Margaret Henert, born abt. 1680 in Dublin, Antri
m, Ireland. Their children are listed as William, b. 1705 in Portpatric
k, Wigtown, Scotland; Thomas Adair, b. 1707, Antrim, Ireland; James Robe
rt Adair b., 1709, Antrim, Ireland; Joseph Alexander Adair, b. 1711, Antri
m, Northern Ireland, died 1801 at Duncans Creek, Laurens Co., S. C.

There is also listed the following in Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1790
Dec. 21, 1774
Thomas Adair m. Eleanor Jones (Marriage records of the Swedes' church (Glo
ria Dei) Penn. 1750-1810
Thomas Adair
10 William Wesley and Almeda Adair lived in 1900 Federal Census in Choctaw pa
rt of Oklahoma.

Almeda Adair is supposedly buried there.

1900 Federal Census, Indian Territory, Choctaw Nation, ED #116, Dwelling 1
78, Fam. 190
Township or other dividion of county: T.7 S R 14 E, Enumerated : 23rd d
ay of June 1900.

NameMonth Yr. Years Mother of how Number of t
Born Born Age Married many children children living

Adair, WilliamJune1847 53 30
" Almeda June1847
53 30 11 6
" Dewitt Aug. 1876 23 Single
" Jane Feb. 1878 22 Single
" Edward July 1890 9 Single

William stated that he was born in Ms., his father in S. C., and his moth
er in Alabama
Almeda stasted that she was born in Ala., her father in S. C., and her mot
her in Alabama
Dewitt, Jane Edward all stated that they were all born in Texas, their fat
her in Ms, and their mother in Alabama. 
William Wesley Adair
11 Found in Kentucky marriages: Zadock Odeor married Sarah Wood on 13 Dec. 1
808 in Livingston Co., Ky.

The date of marriage for Zadock and Sarah Kelly may be inaccurate due to t
he above marriage in 1808 with a Sarah Wood.

The 1810 Fed. Census for Eddyville, Caldwell Co., Ky., list Zadock Adair a
nd the following: (Last name is spelled Odair or Odain.)

Males: under 10 = 3
between 10-15 = 1
under 16 = 0
under 26 = 1
Females: under 10 = 1
under 16 = 0
under 26 = 1
Listed also was Hezekiah Odair or Odain on the same 1810 Census, Caldwe
ll Co., Ky.

Livingston County court records for Jan. 1811 p. 141 states: Zadock Ada
ir one of several other men to help maintain a road in county and Eddyvill

Livingston Co., Ky., Court Order, Book C, 1807-1808 states: "A Justi
ce of the peace being needed for the County of Livingston the court recomm
ends Joseph Wood and Isaac Hicks to the Gov. & c. Mo Cumberland (do not kn
ow what 'c.Mo Cumberland means) Dated September 30, 1807.

Zadock signer of Territorial papers, 12 November 1817.

Zadock Adair signer of document entitled "Petition To Congress From The Al
abama Territory 1817" re: disapproval of applications being made to the co
ngress of the U.S. by the new state of Mississippi for an extension of t
he boundaries of the state so as to include at least the whole of the sett
lements on the western side of the Mobil & Tombigby rivers.......etc.

The 1820 Fed. Census for Caldwell Co., Ky,, list Zadock Adair and the fol
Males: under 10 = 1
between 10 & 16 = 2
between 16 & 18 = 2
between 26 & 45 = 1
Females: under 10 = 1
between 16 & 26 = 1
between 26 & 45 = 1
2 slaves

The 1830 Fed. Census for Perry Co., Alabama list Zadock Adair (page 45-Uni
ontown Beat) and the following: Listed as Ldick Adair on Ancestry.com., pa
ge 5 on Ancestry.com (transcribed as Ldick Adair)

Males: 5 to 10 = 1
10 to 15 = 1
15 to 20 = 2
20 to 30 = 1
50 to 60 = 1
Females: under 5 = 1
5 to 10 = 1
10 to 15 = 1
30 to 40 = 1
40 to 50 = 1

Also there in 1830 were:
Benjamin AdairUnion Beat78
Isaac Adair70
James Adair79
James M. AdairUnion Beat52
William AdairUnion Beat45

Allen W. Craig52
Richard Craig43
Robert G. Craig82
Samuel Craig44
Thomas Craig47
William Craig86

Land records shows "Zadock Adair of Perry Co." buying 3 properties Ju
ly 1, 1831 in Cahala, Alabama
Doc. #6239 - 79.755 acres
Doc. #6241 - 79.8 acres
Doc. #6579 - 79.55 acres

Land records show "Armell F. Adair of Perry Co." buying a property Sept. 1
2, 1835 in Perry Co. Ala.

Land records show "Zadock Adair of Perry Co., Ala." buying 1 property Fe
b. 27, 1841 in Oktibbeha Co. Ala.
Doc. #14892 - 160.65 acres

Early settlers in town limits of Uniontown, Perry Co., Alabama was list
ed Benjamin Adair, William Adair, and Zadoc Adair.

The 1840 Fed. Census for Kemper Co., Mississippi list Zadock Adair and t
he following:
Males; under 5 = 2
10 under 15 = 1
20 under 30 = 4
60 under 70 = 1
Females: 10 under 15 = 1
15 under 20 = 1
20 under 30 = 1
40 under 50 = 1
50 under 60 = 1

Land records show "Armel F. Adair of Perry Co., Ala." buying 2 properti
es on Feb. 27, 1841 in Oktibbeha Co., Ala.
Doc. #15627 - 39.12 acres
Doc. #16372 - 319.68 acres

On the 1846 Kemper Co., Ms. Tax List was listed (Jabock) Zadock(?) Adair a
nd (Anell) Arme(?)l Adair.

The 1850 Fed. Census for Houston Co., Texas, list Zadock Adair and the fo
llowing family. He owned 5 slaves. (enumerated November 8, 1850)

Adair, Zadock 70 (male) farmer Born in S.C.(reads Fadsell Adais on Ancest
Adair, Sarah 56 (female) Born in Ky. (reads Adais on Ancestry.
Adair, Isaac 25 (male) Born in Ala. (reads Adais on Ancest
Adair, Matilda 21 (female) Born in Ala. (reads Adais on Ancestry.c


1851 Zadock Adair, 526 acres, 5 slaves, $2000, 1 horse, $50.00
1852 Zadock Adair, 2 slaves, $1000, 1 horse, $75.00
1853 Zadock Adair, 1 horse, $40.00
1856 Zadock Adair
1858 Sarah (Kelly) Adair (Zadock's wife)

Neither Zadock and Sarah mentioned after 1858 Tax Roll.

Glenwood Cem., Houston Co., Texas
Isaac Adair B: 6/12/1856 - 3/18/1870 (son of Zadock's son, Isaac)

Concord Cem., Houston Co., Texas
Eliza Adair 1868-1897 
Zadock Adair
12 Katherine was the 4th daughter of Sir Patrick Agnew.
Katherine Agnew
13 Sir Patrick Agnew, Hereditary of Galloway.

ICA, Chapt. XXXIII. The Scottish Palntation of down and Antrim:

Gilbert Adaire of Ardehine
Andrew Agnewe of Carnie
Thomas Agnewe, Gray Abbey
Michael Craig of the Redene
David Kennedy of Gortinvillan 
Sir Patrick Agnew
14 Susan Barfield of Rutherford Co., Tenn. married Needham Bryan and they mov
ed to Marengo Co., Ala in the late 1700's.

1820 Mississippi Census, Warren Co.

Jesse Barfield
521110101100050 (3 slaves - female)

1850 Mississippi Census, Winston Co.

House 763 Fam. 769
Jesse Barfield55NC
Mary 8Ala.
John 6Miss.
Sarah 4Miss.
Catharine 1Miss.
Maria Kettle22Ala.
Martha Kettle 5Miss.
Rebecca Kettle 1Miss

House 764 Fam. 771
Mary Craigg45NC

House 170 Fam. 172
Henry Barfield52NC

House 171 Fam. 173
Lewis Barfield82NC
Jesse (Francis) Barfield
15 He may have died May 6, 1854 in Miss. Lewis Barfield
16 Born on the Taylor Estate inherited by her grandmother. She lived there u
ntil she was 13 years old.

After the death of her husband, Mary moved with her children back to Winst
on Co., Mississippi, where her parents were living.

Mary Craig appears on the 1850 census for Winston Co., Alabama. She was l
iving near her brother Henry Barfied and her father, Lewis Barfield. T
he census reads:

Mary Craig, age 45
William Craig, age 19
John Craig, age 16
Sarah Craig, age 14
Matilda Craig, age 12
Louisa Craig, age 10

She moved to Texas shortly after 1850. She and her children stayed with J
ohn's brother, William, who owned land in Smith Co.. Mary may be buri
ed in Smith Co.

She appears on the 1860 census, Smith Co., Tx. as follows:

Mary Craig, age 58
John Craig, age 25
Sarah Craig, age 23
Matilda Craig, age 21
Louisa Craig, age 19 
Mary Barfield

In the matter of the estate of Claudia Ophelia Adair, deceased.

In the County Court of Henderson County Texas, October Term.


This, the application of R. A. Adair, a resident of Henderson County Texa
s, respectfully shows; that Claudia Ophelia Adair, is dead, that she di
ed on or about the 6th day of July A.D. 1916, in the county of Henders
on in the State of Texas, intestate; That said deceased was, at the ti
me of her death, a resident of the county of Henderson and the state of Te
xas, That at the time of her death the said Claudia Ophelia Adair, was sei
zed with real property of the probably value of $1600.00. That a necessi
ty exists for an administration upon said estate, for the following reason
s: That there are three minor children, whose names are, Leila Mae Adai
r, borned on May 15, 1903, Armel Adair, borned, September 12, 190
9, J. P. Adair, borned on December 29, 1916, and that said minor childr
en have rents to collect and have an undivided interest in 80 acres of la
nd and that said land and improvements, will depreciate if there is n
ot a temporary administrator appointed to take care of this estate, and th
at your applicant is not disqualified by law to act as temporary administr

Wherefore your applicant prays that citation issue hereon as the law provi
des, and that upon a hearing and the proofs adduced letter of temporary ad
ministration be issued now, to your applicant and that at the regular te
rm of the Probate court of Henderson County Texas, that said temporary adm
inistrator be made permanent, and for all other further necessary orde
rs be made in the premises.
(signature)by W. J. Garrett attorney
for (unreadable)


ARY TERM A.D. 1924.

On this the 17th day of Jan. A.D. 1924 came on to be heard the applicati
on of R. A. Adair, for letters of administration upon the estate of Claud
ie Ophelia Adair, deceased and for the appointment of Guardian of Leila M
ae Adair, Armel Adair and J. P. Adair minor children of Claudie Ophelia Ad
air and this applicant, and it appearing to the court the said Claudie Oph
elia Adair is dead; and that this court has jurisdiction of said estate; t
hat here is a necessity for the appointment of administration and guardi
an of the estate and minor children and the said R. A. Adair is entitl
ed to letter of Administration and Guardianship by the court by law a
nd is not disqualified; therefore it is ordered by the court that administ
ration be granted upon the Estate of Claudie Ophelia Adair and that Guardi
anship be granted to R. A. Adair over the minor children and administrat
or of the Estate; upon his taking the oath required by law and giving bo
nd in the sum of $3200.00 and when said clerk shall qualify according to l
aw the clerk will issue letters according with this order.

KNOW all men by these presents: That we as principal and sureties, a
held firmly bound unto the county Judge of the county of Henderson and
his succors in office, in the sum of $3200.00 conditioned that the above
bound, who has been appointed by the county Judge of Henderson Coun
ty Texas Administrator and Guardian of the Estate of Claudie Ophelia Ada
ir deceased shall well and truly perform all the duties required by la
w, under said appointment.

The above bond approved the 17th day of Jan. A. D. 1924
County Judge of Henderson County Texas.

1900 Federal Census, Henderson County, Texas Prec. 59, image 16 on ancestr

Belcher, Claudia27?Head of fam.Mar. 1872Ga.Ga.Ga.
" Lillie 8daughterOct. 1891Tx.Ga.Ga.
" Emory M. 7sonDec. 1892Tx.Ga.Ga.
" Luela 3daughterOct. 1896Tx.Ga.Ga.
" Clara B. 1daughterOct. 1898Tx.Ga.Ga.
The house next door was Emory G. Burgamy and family

Letter to Barbara Jean Adair on April 9, 1973, who had inquired to describ
Claudia Ophelia, by Aunt Cora, Claudia's sister.

1. Wasn't a large woman
2. Very active
3. Had lots of friends
4. Loved everybody
5. Bought flower seeds and grew lots of flowers
6. Had shrubbery also
7. Had flowers in every corner
8. She dearly flowers
9. Got the love of flowers from her mother
10. Loved music
11. Never had music lesson but could play any tune she heard a few times
on her organ
12. People would gather around her and sing sacred songs
13. She had a little girl (Clara Bert Belcher) she would stand in a cha
ir and
sing and carry the tune to "When the Roll Is Call Up Yonder." T
he little
girl died when she was 3 years old.
14. Proud of her family
15. Made everything that they wore
16. Sewed beautifully
17. Raised chickens
18. Had her garden and canned food for her family
19. Had their own milk and butter

Claudia's death certificate states that she died of "Inflamation of Stomac
h, and secondary cause Gall Stones." She was 44 yrs. 3 mos. and 12 days o
Claudia Ophelia Burgamy
18 He was placed under guardianship of W. W. McMullen in January 1863 along w
ith James W. Burgamy and Matthew C. Burgamy.
(Spaulding Co. Ga. was created 1851 from Pike, Henry, Fayette Counties.)

Memorial Record of Alabama states that he was a teacher.

The 1880 Federal Census, Anderson County, Tx. Listed as 154, E. D. 5. Pre
c. 5

Burgarny, E. G.31Ga.Ga.Ga.
" Talula J.26Ga.Va.Ga.
" Claudia 8Ga.Ga.Ga.
" Viola 5Tx.Ga.Ga.
" Willie 3Tx.Ga.Ga.
Gordon, Edward23Ga.Ga.Ga. (brother-in-law)
(M. C. Burgamy and family were living next door)

1900 Federal Census, Henderson County, Texas, Prec. 59, (image 16 on Ances

Burgamy, Emory G.51 (Nov. 1848)Ga.Ga.Ga.
" Tallulah46 (Mar. 1854)Ga.Ga.Ga.
" Marvin C. (son)13 (Dec. 1885)Tx.Ga.Ga.
" Lela T. (dau)11 (May? 1887)Tx.Ga.Ga.
" Robert C. (son)10 (July 1889)Tx.Ga.Ga.
" Cora (dau) 9 (Aug. 1891Tx.Ga.Ga.

Next family was Claudia Belcher (widow with children)

1920 Federal Census, Henderson County, Texas, Prec. 4, ED 20, Image 278.

Burgamy, Robert E.
(need to copy from census and place here)

Article in New York, Texas paper dated September 30, 1907

Emory G. Gurgamy departed this life Saturday, September 14 at 8:15 a.
m. at LaRue, Texas. He one of our best friends and we weep with those w
ho weep and mourn with the loved ones. He, like all men, had his fault
s, He was open in all he did. He spoke his thoughts before all me
n. He kept back nothing. His life is an open book. He was a good ma
n. We have known him over twenty years. He was a devoted member of the M
.E. Church South, had been since 1869. He served as her steward a long ti
me and nearly every time he answered to roll call. Rev. P. R. White on
ce said to me Mr. Emory Burgamy is the most regular attendant on New Yo
rk circuit. He paid his quarteage, paid his missions, paid for building p
arsonages, etc. He was a loving husband, a kind father and faithful frie
nd and a devoted Christian.

He was born in Spalding County, Ga., November 25, 1848. Married Decemb
er 8, 1870, same state and county, to Miss Lula J. Gordon, second cous
in to the noted (deceased) Gen. Jno. B. Gordon of Georgia. To this uni
on were born ten children. Only four living; three single and one grandc
hild, Essie Martin, lives with Mrs. Burgamy at LaRue. They have one marri
ed daughter, Mrs. Claudia Adair of Leagueville who has five children. Br
o. Burgamy was willing and ready to go. He was submissive and said, "T
hy will, not mine, be done." He said to this wife, "Mama, I have to lea
ve you and the children but just hold out faithful a little while longer a
nd we'll all be together where there will be no sad parting." He request
ed that Dr. Hall preach his funeral, and where he wanted to be burie
d. He had his niece, Mrs. Mamie Colston, to sing and pray for him. Wh
en she was singing "How Firm a Foundation" he said, "Those words affo
rd me great consolation." He joined in and sang "Nearer, My God, to thee
". He is saved, safe in a better world. God bless his dear wife and chil
dren and grandchildren. May they finally meet him in heaven.

B.C. Hall 
Emory Gause Burgamy
19 The Memorial Record of Alabama ,Vol. 1, page 771, by Brant & Fuller, Madis
on, Wis., 1893" states:
John died in Fayette Co. in 1861, while Martha died in Spaulding Co. in 18
Both were Methodists.
John was a successful and practical farmer, was an old line whig, was a j
ustice of the peace for some years and a public-spirited man in many ways.
John's grandfather, William Burgamy, was of French ancestry, was a Revolut
ionary soldier and died
in Georgia at an advanced age.

John's second wife, Sidney, was a sister to his first wife, Martha.

Abridged Compendium by Frederick Virkus:
John Burgamy (1809-1861) married 1830 Martha Davis Peurifoy (1814-1857); d
esc. Capt. Thomas Purefoy, from Eng. to Elizabeth City, Va., 1620, was bur
gess, member King's Council, commr. of Eliz. City Co., Va. and prin. cd
r. of same co.

Federal Census, Fayette County, Georgia
John Burgamy 53
S.B. Burgamy 53
John Burgamy 19
P.A. Burgamy 14 (male)
Emery J. Burgamy 12 (male)
Mathew C. Burgamy 8
McCarroll Burgamy 7 (male)
Eli Burgamy 23 (male)
Fanny Burgamy 20
Ann Burgamy 2/12
James Burgamy 14 (male)

A will of a John Burgamy that died 6/17/1861 is in Fayette Co., Ga. Per B
ob Ellis on Georgia Message Board on Ancestry.com on July 12, 2009:

1861 will for John Burgamy. It states "executed June 1, 1859, probated A
ugust 11, 1861.
This will is from Spalding County and contains an understanding with h
is presemt wife (who is not named) that each should retain property he
ld at the time of their marriage. Executor: Tilman Burgamy of Montgomer
y, Alabama, his oldest son. Witnesses: Thos. J. Brooks, Wiley
Patrick and J. W. McCord."
Will Book A, Pg 202-204.

John Burgamy
20 Also known as "Billy"

Abridged Compendium by Frederick Virkus:
Burgamy, Wm. (1739-1819), from France to Ga. and S. C., soldier in Am. Re
v. , captured by British at Augusta, 1780, but escaped; married 1759, Sus
an Hawkins (1742-1846)

LDS Base states: John Burgamy, christened 16 Sept. 1735, St. Leonards, Br
idgnorth, Shrophire, England. (Williams's brother?)

English Crown Grants, St. Paul Parish, Ga.
Grant Bk., G., p.455
Wm. Burgamy, 500 acres, St. Paul Parish, Granted Nov. 7, 1769
W. Burgamy, 200 acres, St. Paul Parish, surveyed 9/3/1769, Plat. Bk. M
., p 33, granted 8/2/1774 Grant Bk. M., p. 165, Bounded on the NW by Mw. J

William Burgamy
Year 1796
County Hancock
District Kirk

1818 Tax List - North Carolina - Warren Co., Travis Dist. 228
Wm. Burgamy


Georgia Cherokee Land Lottery 1838

William Burgamy, Sr.
Residence Garners
Co. Washington

Tobias Burgamy
Residence Garners
Co. Washington

John Burgamy
Residence Kendricks
Co. Putnam

Mixed Records, Wills, Administrations and Deeds (Ga.) 1777-1778
Folio 61
Burgamy, Wm. dec'd, John Burgamy appointed Admr. June 18, 1779

Folio 107
Burgamy, John, dec'd. Elizabeth Burgamy, widow Admx. April 16, 1882.

Folio 108
Wm. Pulliam, Stephen Heard, Z. Lamar, appointed appraisers 4/16/1782. Ber
nard Heard accountable to the orphans for their equal share of estate. Ma
ry Burgamy, dau. of John, one grey mare, cow and yearling.

Capt. McCavy's Co.
William L. Burgamy

William Burgamy
residence Washington Co.
Lottery 1827
Land lot 1575, Dist. Lee, 4/7/1837
Land lot 16511, Dist. Troup 12/16/1834

Land Office Patents & Grants (Vir. Lib. records)
Peter Burgamy 20 June 1733 Goochland Co., Va. 350 Acres on both sid
es of Great
Guinea Creek, Patents 15, 1732-35, p. 64

1820 Federal Census Washington Co., Georgia, page 130A
William Burgamy
white males 0-10 yrs = 1
white males 10-16 yrs = 1
white males 16-24 yrs = 1
white males 45+ yrs = 1
white females 0-10 yrs = 1
white females 10-16 yrs = 1
white females 45+ yrs = 1
female slaves = 2 
William Burgamy
Folio 62 = Burgamy, Wm. dec'd, John Burgamy appointed Admr. June 18, 1779

Don't know where this fits
John Burgamy, dec'd. Elizabeth Burgamy widow of Admx. 4/11/1782

William and Margaret only had one child.

In the book "Memorial Record of Alabama by Brant & Fuller, Madison, Wis
., 1893, Vol. 1, page 771, 'Personal Memoirs---Crenshaw County' states th
at Dr. William T. Burgamy's grandfather, was William Burgamy who was of Fr
ench ancestry, was a Revolutionary soldier and died in Georgia at an advan
ced age. It also states that William Burgamy married three times, b
ut of his son John but little is known.

William Burgamy, Jr.
22 She was called "Suckey". Susan Virginia Burton
23 Argyll, Archibald Campbell, earl of 1530-73 Promoted Reformation in Scot
land, but then supported Mary Queen of Scots; privy to plot to murder Dar
nley, fought for Mary at Langside 1568. Chancellor of Scotland 1573.

Argyll, Archibald Campbell, marquis and earl of c. 1606-1661 Leading Co
venanter, opposing Charles I's religious policy in Scotland in 1630's; fou
ght against Montrose and royalists in Civil War. Opposed Scots Engageme
nt and Charles I 1647, but proclaimed and crowned Charles II as ki
ng of Scotland 1650-51. After defeat, submitted to Cromwellian rul
e, MP in 1659; executed at Restoration.

Argyll, Archibald Campbell, earl of 1629-85. Son of above, though vigoro
us royalist in 1650's; Scottish Councellor 1664, active against Conenante
rs 1667. After opposition to Scotland Test Act 1681, sentenced to dea
th and fled to exile; invaded Scotland on behalf of Monmouth 1685, but cap
tured and executed.
Arabella Campbell
24 Info not verified. Info from Watkins Genforum William Watkins Elenor Carper
25 Some say she was a twin to Stephen.

Some say her father was Solomon Cox (born abt. 1740-1749 in Cane Creek, Or
ange Co., N. C. and died about 1820 in Monroe, Ind.) and her mother was Na
omi Hussey (born 2 Feb. 1742 in Warrington,York, Penn. and died 1818 in Ho
cking, Ohio.) 
Naomi (Amey) Cox
26 On the 1860 Smith Co. Tx. Federal Census ( Household 283, Family 288, Pa
ge 42) is listed as below:

Jacob Colvin37FarmerB: Alabama
Jane Colvin32B: Miss.
Elizabeth Colvin 3B: Tx.
John Adair14B: Miss.
William Adair11B: Tx.
Mary Adair 8B: Tx.

On the 1870 Henderson Co., Tx. (Family 242, Prec. 4) Fed. Census (Mr. Colv
in, her second husband was dead) Eliza Jane was listed with Elizabeth (
13 yrs) and Eudora (7 years). John C. Adair and his wife Theodocia was li
ving with them. Also listed was Mary S. (18 yrs) and Sarah C. Craig (31 y
ears) and a Burrell Gibson (8 years)

On the 1880 census Henderson Co., Tx.:
Colvin, Eliza55Ala.SCSC
Colvin, Eudora17 (dau)Tx.Ala.Ala.

CSA Pension Records for Navarro Co., Texas is listed: Kate Craig #4680
5, husband of Wm. H. Craig. This is Eliza's brother that assisted in t
he surveying of the Armel Adair estate.

A Wm. H. Craig married Sarah H. Chiver 5/22/1838 in Copiah Co., Ms. Wm.
H. noted above? 
Eliza Jane Craig
27 South Carolina Naturalization records of August 17, 1796 show William Cra
ig from Carrickfergus, Ireland. Was a mariner.

John Craig was the youngest child of Rev. John Craig.

John followed his brother, William, to Alabama from Tennessee about 182
2. They lived near Nanofolia and then located to Marengo Co.

John boarded with Lewis Barfield. Lewis Barfield's daughter, Mary, w
as 20 years old at the time, and her sister, Sarah, some years younger.

John Craig married Mary Barefield 10/16/1823 in Marengo Co., Ala.
John B. married Patsey Montgomery 6/23/1818 (no county listed)

John taught school at Greensboro, Ala. in 1824, but returned to Marengo Co
., the latter part of that year and bought a home. The home was near Glov
er Church, one of the first Methodist churches established in that sectio
n. He and his wife joined the church. Their daughter, Pauline, was bo
rn during this time. Here John practiced medicine with Dr. Sexton.

Soon after joining the church, John became a minister and was licens
ed by the quarterly conference.

He became a prominent Mason, reaching the degree of Roy-Arch, and was a Kn
ights Templer. He was for some time Grand lecturer of the State of Alabam
a. A copy of the By-laws of Perry Lodge, lists John Craig as Master.

John's health began to fail and thus only preached near his home.

In 1834 John went into the mercantile business in Marion, Alabama. This d
id not "pan-out" and he returned again to teaching school.

He died in 1841 and is buried by the side of his daughter, Mary, who had p
receded him just seven weeks before.

William Craig made his home with John's family a good part of the time unt
il after John's death.
1830 Census Alabama:
William Marengo Co., Southern Dist. Page 345
John Marengo Co., Southern Dist. Page 352
John Lauderdale Co., Page 229
Samuel Esq. Lauderdale Co. Page 228

1840 Census Alabama:
John Limestone Co. Page 139
John R. Lawrence Co. Page 186
John Dallas Co. Page 055

1840 Census Miss.:
Robert Kemper Co. Page 07
John Kemper Co. Page 02
John Kemper Co. Page 189

1840 Census Lauderdale Co., Miss. list the following Craigs:

Robert A. Craig
Males under 5 = 1 Females under 5 = 2
5-10= 2 10 - 15 = 1
10-15 = 1 20-40 = 1
30-40= 1

John Craig
Males 5 - 10 = 2 Females under 5 = 2
20-30 = 1 10-15 = 2
30-40 = 1 30-40 = 1

In the Duncan Creek Church, Union Co., S. C., is a marble tablet which rea
ds: In memory of men of that congregation who served in Revolution: Jose
ph Adair, Sr., Joseph Adair, Jr., John Craig.

John Craig's tombstone reads: S.C. M. I. Rev. War.

Perry Co., Ala., "Marion" Cem.
John A. Craig 9/22/1831 - July 24, 1879
Robt. A. Craig 6/22/1840 - 12/29/1899
Mattie J., wife of R. A. Craig 12/29/1855 - 3/5/1906

Limestone Co., Texas "Armour Cem."
Craig, Nancy A. 1868-1948 Mama
Craig, Robt. A. 1854-1930 Papa
and others

The Raymond Times
November 12, 1841
Died at the Mississippi Springs, on Tuesday the 2nd, Dr. John Craig. T
he deceased was a son of the late Rev. John Craig.

A John and Capt. Robert Craig are listed as soldiers at King's Mountain.

1850 Mississippi Census, Winston Co.

Mary Craigg45NC

(she moved to Texas shortly after this census) 
John Craig, Dr.
28 Was a Methodist minister.

Roster of Revolutionary soldiers buried in Tennessee (book):

Alexander Craig (b c1756) Service - NC Line; age 76 - 1832 pension list; 1
840 census - Henry Co., Tn. Ref. : A 1.
David Craig - Ref. : S. G.
John Craig (b?d?) m. Barbary__________; S. C. R2426, Battle King's Mt.
Morgan Co., Ref.: McCown; Draper p. 586
Samuel Craig (b 1760 York Co., PA/d 7- - 1807 Greene Co.) Served as Cap
t. under Col. Chambers - 1st PA Regt. m. 1785-90 Chester Dist., S.
C. to Jane Innie Burns b. 1770/d 1858. Children: Mary b 12/3/1791 (m. J
ames Temple), Elener b. 4/4/1795 (m. William Anderson), Nancy, James b 18
02/d 1886 (m. Celia J. Donaldson) b 1816/d 1877, Samuel, Robert, John. Re
f.: DAR #427835.

About 1805, John moved to Tennessee.

Three of their six children died in infancy.

He married his second wife, Carolina Mary (Unknown) when he was in his 60'
John Craig, Rev.

A List Of Emigrant Ministers To America 1690-1811
Author: Gerald Fothergill, written in 1904

George Craig, Pennsylvania, Spetember 12, 1750,--Money Book, 43-419
James Craig, Virginia, April 4, 1755,--Money Book, 45-111
James Craig, Virginia, October 11, 1758,--Money Book, 50-234

On the 1800 Federal Census for Laurens Co., S. C. was the following:

William Craig
males 0-10 yrs = 3
males 10-16 yrs = 1
males 26-45 yrs = 1
females 26-45 yrs = 1
slaves = 2 
William Craig
30 Information derived from Descendants of Roger Daniel, Sr. of Virginia

See "Edit" under Rial Henry Watkins for further information about Agnes Da
niel Watkins. 
Agnes Daniel
31 Ninian Adair was from Kinhilt. Ninian de Athdare
32 Ninian was a son and heir of William Adair of Kilhilt (Wigtownshire) Scotl

Seat was Kinhilt and had been for several generations before him. 
Ninian de Athdare
33 Origin of the name Adair: Celtic and Gaelic

From Ath, a ford, and dare, from darach, the place of oaks, "The ford of t
he oaks." There is the following tradition of the origin of this surnam
e. "Thomas, the sixth Earl of Desmond, while on a hunting excursion was b
enighted, and lost his way, between Tralee and Newcastle, in the coun
ty of Limerick, where he was received and hospitility entertained by one W
illiam McCormic, whose daughter he subsequently married. At this allianc
e, the family and clan took unbrage. Resigning his title and estate to h
is youngest brother, he fled to France in 1418, and died of Grief at Roue
n, two years afterward. The King of England attended his funeral. He h
ad issue, Maurice and John; Robert, the son of Maurice, returning to Irela
nd, with the hope of regaining the estates and title of Thomas, his ancest
or, slew Gerald, the White Knight, in single combat at Athdare, the fo
rd of the oaks, whence he received the name of Adaire. He embarked for Sc
otland, where he married Arabella, daughter of John Campbell, Lord of Argy

James Fitzmaurice Fitzgerald, a cousin of the earl of Desmond (Sir Jo
hn of Desmond, brother to the earl) - leader of a rebellion in Munst
er in 1569. He escaped to France. Returned to Ireland (Ring of Dingl
e) in 1579. Killed in a skirmish at Smerwick, on the Dingle peninsu
la of County Kerry.

Fitzegerald, Gerald, earl of Kildare d. 1513 Irish magnate, Lord Depu
ty of Ireland 1481-94, 1496-1513. Supported the Yorkist cause until 14
94 when temporarily deprived of office after Warbeck landed in Ireland; th
ereafter loyal to the king.

Fitzgerald, Gerald, earl of Kildare 1487-1534 Lord Deputy of Ireland 1513-
20, 1524-26, 1532-33 between imprisonments for feuding with rival famil
y. Died in Tower of London.

Fitzgerald, Thomas, Lord Offaly and earl of Kildare 1513-37. Son of abov
e: rebelled on his father's arrest 1533, but was defeated and executed.

----------------------------------------------------Robert Adair (from Bar
nett book) was a scion or younger son of the Noble House of Fitzgerald; An
glo-Norman Viceroys of Ireland, and Earls of Desmond and Kildare in Scotla

According to tradition, which is mainly confirmed by history and Heraldr
y, he fought a duel with the White Knight at the town of Adair, which w
as located on the Desmond Estate, in Limerick County, Ireland. Robert sl
ew his antagonist in single combat; He then sailed for Scotland under t
he name of Robert Fitzgerald de Adair; but after landing in Galloway, he d
iscarded his patronimic designation and wrote himself Adair. Robert marri
ed a daugher of the most noble house in Scotland, to-wit: the House of Arg

From the book Touring Guide To Ireland the following:

Desmond's Grave, Kerry County
Accessible from either Tralee or Castleland, this grave contains the remai
ns of Gerald Fitsgerald - an Earl of Desmond who was killed by Ormonde sol
diers in 1583 - and lies 4 1/2 miles NW of Castleland in Glanageenty Gle
n. The glen is 2 miles WSW of 1,097 ft. Knight's Mountain, which forms pa
rt of the Glanarudder range.

Kilmallock, Cill Mocheallog: St. Mocheallog's church, Limerick
this old corporate town is pleasantly sited on the W bank of the River Loo
bagh, to the N of the Ballhoura Hills in the fertile Golden Vale. Litt
le is known of the settlement origins, but the magnificent ruins here sh
ow that it was a place of importance. St. Molach or Mocheallog found
ed a church or monastery here in the 7th century. The medieval town's ri
se to prominence was due largely to the Anglo-Norman Desmond family, who w
ere all powerful in Munster province for many centuries. As with all oth
er occupying Anglo-Norman families, they organized the civic life, establi
shed defences, and made provision for religion. Edward III granted a char
ter, and the town was surrounded by a cut-stone wall fortified by earthe
rn mounds and breached by four imposing gateways. Blossom's Gate, throu
gh which the Charleville road passes, survives from this time and includ
es a well preserved section of the wall. King's Castle is a tall, 15th ce
ntury gate tower on the Limerick road.

The Desmond family consolidated their considerable power by shipping lar
ge Irish forces across the sea to help Edward III against the Scots. T
he commanders of these forces were three counsins of the great Earl of Des
mond, and they so distinguished themselves on the field that the king dubb
ed them the White Knight, Black Knight, and the Green Knight respective
ly - after the colours of their armor. The White Knight's descendants we
re particularly involved with the life of Kilmallock. The tomb of the la
st head of the family can be seen in the choir of the Dominican friary.
Belfast - towns' development as a town can be traced back to 1177, when Jo
hn de Courcy built a castle to command the ford from a strong positi
on in a settlement which stood between the modern city's Donegall Place a
nd Corn Market.

In 1315 the castle was destroyed by Edward Bruce. In the early 16th centu
ry, Belfast was little more than a fishing village - although still descri
bed as a fortress - in the hands of the O'Neills. This family were the Ea
rls of Tyrone, and they ruled the Lagan Valley from their stronghold of Ca
stlereagh. Belfast continued to be a place of strategic importance howeve
r, and it was attacked twice during Edward Fitzgerald's risings of 1503 a
nd 1512. Fitzgerald was the Earl of Kildare.

Definitions found in same book:

Anglo-Normans - a name given to the mixture of Normans, English, and Wel
sh nationals who invaded Ireland in the 12th century. Most of these peop
le came from southwest Britain.

Plantation Castles - defensive buildings erected in Ireland by English a
nd Scottish settlers during the 17th century Plantation colonization schem
Robert Fitzgerald de Athdare
34 Name may have been Agnes based on a power-of-attorney request from her so
n, William per Lee Adair. 
Nancy George
35 From the Monongahela Valley Region Benjamin Goodwin
36 Some say her maiden name was Goodman Nancy Ann Goodwin
37 Sir James Gordan of Lochinvah. (ROYAL GENEALOGIES at http://www.dcs.hull.

May have had a son named John. John completed his title Kenmure, Rus
co & other lands in Nov. 1548. John died August 23, 1605 intestate.  
James Gordan
38 Elizabeth received a charter of the lands of Brocloch, 30 Dec. 1558 from h
er marriage to John Grierson of LAG (Dumphrieshire)

Her second marriage (Ninian Adair) was contracted 18 June 1566. 
Elizabeth Gordon
39 10 Sept. 1696 (micro-fiche at Fbg. Gen. Lib.)
Articles of Agreement between Capt. Kidd, commander of the good ship ADVEN
TURE and John Walker, quartermaster. Subscribed and agreed to by the shi
ps company was listed on the Larboard Watch, an Alexander Gordon April 1
1, 1700.

New Jersey Proprietors 1702 (micro-fiche at Fbg. Gen. Lib.)
15 April 1702
Deed of surrender from the Proprietors of East and West New Jersey of the
ir pretended right of Government to her Majesty. In the listing of Propri
etors of the East Division was Thomas Ware and Thomas Gordon. (same line)

First Scots Presbyterian Church, Charleston, S.C. Cemetery

"Here lies the body of Mrs. Rachel Gordon who died in the faith of the Gos
pel a triumphant Saint on the 12th August 1825 aged 70 years. The memo
ry of the Just is blessed."

"Sacred to the memory of Willaim Gordon a native of Scotland but for twen
ty four years a respectable resident of this city. He died on the 27
th of October 1817 in the 53rd year of his age. Regretted and belov
ed by all who knew him, Accept blest Spirit: of this tribute of affecti
on from a beloved wife whose only consolation arises from the recollecti
on of thy virtues and the the hope of rejoining thee in that better count
ry where no good deeds shall be forgotten.

For then the frequent tears shall flow and sobs unbidden rise The hopes th
at droop and wishes now shall bloom beyond the skies."

"Sacred to the memory of beloved John Gordon who departed this life on t
he 27th day of February 1835 aged forty eight years. His character was un
diviating rectitude. The sincerity of his affection had placed him in t
he highest station as a Husband, Father, and Brother. He was firm support
er of the Institutions of his adopted country and a strict observer of t
he duties which he owed to the Author of his being. A constitutional mala
dy hastened his death before his years had brought him to the full ti
de of his usefulness. The memory of his virtues had formed in the hear
ts of his friends the most enduring monument of his excellence; fond and g
ently in the tenderest relations of life, constant in friendships, unostin
tatious in the charities which he liberally dispursed. He has left to tho
se who knew him the meloncholy and proud consolation that while they regr
et the loss of a friend and companion many mourn a protector and benefacto

"Sacred to the Memory of Mrs. Mary Gordon widow of the late Andrew Gordo
n, Bricklayer of this city, who departed this life the 20th day of July 18
14 in the 60th year of her age."

"Also of James Gordon son of Andrew and Mary Gordon who after a long and p
ainful illness which he bore with manly fortitude departed this life 5th N
ovember 1814 in the 32nd year of his age."

"This frail memorial as a tribute of respect for a tender Mother and affec
tionate Brother is erected by John Gordon."

"In Memory of A. Burgess Gordon son of"

"love John Gordon of Charles S.C. Born October 6th 1831 Died February 9
th 1882 aged 52 years 4 months and 3 days A member of the Charleston Lig
ht Dragoons He served faithfully in that Company throughout the Civil Wa
r. He was brave and honorable."

Fort Frederica, St. Simons Island, Glynn Co., Georgia

During the "Trustee Period" of Georgia netween 1733 and 1754, Gen. James O
glethorpe established the first settlements in Georgia for the London Boa
rd of Trustees. King George II of England granted these trustees la
nd in the new coloy of Georgia between the Savannah and Altamaha Rivers a
nd to the Atlantic Ocena. Oglethorpe began constructing several small for
ts at various startegis places, staffed them with small contingents of sol
diers and sent families to cultivate the land around them. Around 1736, O
glethorpe established Fort Frederica on St. Simons Island situated at t
he mouth of the Altamaha River. In 1742 a very large Spanish force land
ed on St. Simons Island and Oglethorpe withdrew his soldiers and settle
rs from the surrounding area into fortified Fort Frederica. He and the so
ldiers set out for a surprise attack and roundly defeated the spanish in w
hat was later called the Battle of Bloody Marsh. The Spanish uplled o
ut of Georgia dn the war between Spain and Britain was effectively end
ed by this last battler for territory in the New World. Georgia's bounda
ry became the St. Marys River where it remains to this day.

The following data was extracted from a 1958 press release found in the Ma
rgaret Cate Collection at the Georgia Historical Society, Savannah, Georgi
a. The press release was part of an announcement of the of the new muse
um opening at Ft. Frederica on St. Simons Island, Georgia. The release in
cluded a list of original settlers of St. Simons Island and the soldiers s
tationed at the Fort by General James Oglethorpe in 1735. (Margaret Dav
is Cate Collection, Box 5, Call No. 997, Folder 85)
SETTLERS and SOLDIERS - one of which was a John Gordon.

Query at Nunnally GenForum #294, dated 1/7/01, from John North states that
Ann Elizabeth Nunnally (B: 1821-1827). Son named Robert Gordon.
Her brother, John Garnett Nunnally (B: 1821) married Elizabeth gordon (
B: 1820 D: 1856). After her death, he married in 1857. All in Spalding C
o., Ga.
He assumes Robert and Elizabeth are brother and sister, but had no proof.

Query at Nunnally Gen Forum #302, dated 2/1/01, from William A. Segrav
es states:
1860 Federal Census for Mt. Zion Dist., Spalding Co., Ga. :

James W. Gordon age 46
Ann E. age 36
Susan C. age 15
John L. age 10
Talulah J. age 6
Edward O. age 4
Ada age 11/12
John Gordon age 78
John B. Edmonds age 22, no relationship shown

William (Bill) also states that John Gordon is listed as being born in Vir

GenForum query 1/7/01, John North, states that his data (gave no source) s
hows Ann Elizabeth was shown with a son named Robert Gordon. Had no dat
es on him. 
James William Gordon
40 Hugh Gordon (hughgordon@mindspring.com) states that John Gordon was bo
rn in Powhatan Co., Va. Noted on page 42 of House of Gordon genealogies, u
nder DESCENDANTS OF ROBERT GORDON and John Gordon died in Spalding Co., GA
., not Clarke Co., Ga.

Federal Census 1810 Powhatan Co., Va. (page 4 ancestry.com)

John Gordon

1 = under 10
1 = 26-44
1 = under 10
1 = 16-25
2 slaves

Next family listed:

Ann Gordon (John's mother?)

1 = under 10
1 = 26-44
1 = 45 or over
2 slaves

1820 Federal Census, Georgia, Clarke Co., Salem (page 2 on Ancestry.com)
John Gordon
3= 5 to 10
1=11 to 16
1= 26 to 45

1= 5 to 10
2 = 11 to 16
1 = 26 to 45

(a John Nunnally and Josiah Nunnally were listed on the same page.)

Land Lottery of Georgia 1827
67th Day's Drawing May 23, page 216
John V. Gordon
County: Carroll
Captain's Dist.: Fords
Number: 53
District: 11

1850 Federal Census, Georgia, Clarke Co., Farmington Dist., Ancestry.c
o, page 1, page 67 stamped on census sheet and as enumerated on October 2
1, 1850

John Gordon66Va. (owned either 1700 or 1800 acres of land)
Betsy W. Gordon64Va.
Elizabeth Gordon30Ga.
Edward Gordon23Ga.
America Gordon17Ga.
Ann Hughes (?)18Ga. Was this a daughter and John Hughes was a grandson?
John Hughes(?)10Ga.

1860 Federal Census, Georgia, Spalding Co., Zion.
John Gordon living with son, James W. Gordon, and family. Listed as 78 ye
ars old and born in Va.

1860 Federal Census for Spalding Co., Ga., under the name James W. Gordo
n, John Gordon is listed as being born in Virginia.

John Gordon will proved January 20, 1862. It reads:

In the name of God, Amen.
Clarke County, Georgia
I John Gordon of the County and State aforementioned, being of sound mi
nd and memory do make, ordain publish ____ _____ this to be my last wi
ll and testament, hereby revoking all will by me heretofore made.

1stI wish my just debts be paid.
2ndI give and bequeath unto my six children viz: Susan Hester, Jo
hn L. Gordon, James W. Gordon, Elizabeth Gordon, Edward P. Gordon and A
merica S. Gordon the whole of my estate after the payment of my deb
ts to be divided equally among them. Share and share alike and if eith
er of them ____ ____before the division, the child or children of such s
econd child, shall have the portion which the father or mother would ha
ve received under this bequest.
3rd____ ____ ____ and charges as my children are of age. I appoi
nt no Executor charging them to select some _______ ______ to collect a
nd pay my debt and divide my estate among them as above and _______ ____
___ _______ from ____ any relations(?) to Court of Ordinary if it c
an be done recommending to them the appointment of one of the family as th
ey may agree among themselves.

In testimony _______ I the said John Gordon ___ ____ set my hand(?) a
nd affirm my ____ this county third day of January eighteen hundred and fi
fty four.

________ __________ acknowledged
________ and __________

O. ____ Richardson
______ E. Murray
W. ___ Jones
John Calvin Johnson 
John Gordon
41 All children noted of Unknown Gordon are listed by hughgordon@mindspring.c

The 1790 Federal Census for Powhatan Co., Virginia ONLY lists one Gord
on in this county. He was Robert Gordon, with 10 white individuals a
nd 5 black individuals.

In the same 1790 Census, there was one Archelaus Nunnelly listed, 8 whi
te individuals and 7 black individuals.  
Robert Gordon
42 Family lore states that she was 3rd cousin to General John Brown Gord
on of Georgia, who was a Confederate hero, Gov. of Georgia, and a U.S. Sen

She was called Lula.

1920 Henderson Co. Federal Census, Texas

Porter Luther 29 male B: Tx.
Cora 27 Tx.
Vera 5 Dau. Tx.
Vivian B. 2 1/2 Dau. Tx.
Annie L. 11/12 dau. Tx.
Burgamy, Lulla 65 Mother-in-law B: Georgia

Athens Weekly Review, Thursday, April 17, 1924

I have been requested by friends at Murchison and the Murchison correspond
ent to write the following: On April 4th, 1924 at 3 P.M. the angel of t
he Lord carried away the soul of Mrs. Lula J. (Gordon) Burgamy, of Murchis
on, Texas. Mrs. Burgamy, who was born, March 17, 1854 and was marri
ed to Emory G. Burgamy December 8, 1870, in Spalding County Georgia, w
as a woman of strong Christian character and a devoted member of t
he M. E. church since 1869. She endured much suffering during her last il
lness, but patient, and wanted to go, brave to the last moment. She was b
uried in Larue cemetery by the side of her dear husband, who had gone on s
ome seventeen years before. She made her home with her only surviving dau
ghter, Mrs. Porter Luker of Murchison. They had 10 children, 16 grandchil
dren and 9 great grandchildren. Only three children survive her, Marvin B
urgamy of LaRue, Eustace Burgamy of Athens and Mrs. Cora Luker of Murchiso
n. Mrs. Essie Martin, the wife of a prominent business man of Murchis
on is her granddaughter whom she raised from a six month old girl when h
er mother died. She loved Essie as her own and Essie had the opportuni
ty to return a part of this great kindness in her last days. Rev. J
oe B. Wells, Methodist pastor of Murchison was visiting in Texarkand wh
en she died, but came at once to attend the funeral services.
I have known this good woman for years have been in her home; she has be
en in our home; have heard her testify for her Lord and Master. She w
as a good woman and her children know where to find her. Emulate her go
od example and meet her in the great beyond. Mrs. Burgamy was known all o
ver the eastern end of the county and those who knew her best loved her mo
st, for she always met them with a smile.
B. C. Hall

There is a listing for Lula J. Burgamy in the Morrison Chapel (This is al
so known as Larue Cemetery) Cemetery along with other Burgamy names. 
Tallulah Jane Gordon
43 Father was Houston of Castle Stewart. Unknown Houston
44 Gilbert Kennedy was from Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland.
2nd Earl of Cassalis
9th in lineal descent from Robert Bruce, King of Scotland.

Scott's Peerage, Vol. II
On 24 Nov. 1571 they were infeft by Lord Cassillis in the lands of Larg-St
weart & others in Wigtownshire.

A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland
Parish of Dundonald or Kirkdonald, Barony of Lower Castlereagh, Co. Dow
n, Province of Ulster, 4 miles east of Belfast on mailcoach road to Newto
wn - Ardes, Gilbert Kennedy, a distinguished Presbyterian divine was inter
red in the church in 1687.
Gilbert Kennedy
45 Gilbert Kennedy, 2nd Earl of Cassalis and 9th in lineal descent from Robe
rt Bruce, King of Scotland. 
Helen Kennedy
46 James stated that while living on the Monongahela River, he enlisted as a
nd served as a spy. Among his officers he lists Lieut. John Mahan (his br
other), and also Captain David Scott. In his pension application, James M
ahan told of moving to Greene Co., Tenn., which was then North Carolin
a. James Mahan enlisted in the fall of 1775 and served two years and sev
en months. He applied for pension at Whitley Co., Kentucky, on October 1
9, 1833.

James and his brother, John, appeared in Green Co., Tenn., together in 178
7. Greene Co., was later split into several counties. James was livi
ng in an area that became Sevier Co. James then moved to Knox Co., Ky., s
ometime between 1796 and 1800 and subsequently moved to Cahawba Co. (now B
ibb Co.) Alabama. He is listed in the 1830 BibbCo. census. 
James Irvin Mahan
47 The 1880 Federal Census for Henderson Co., states that Sarah Mahan was bo
rn in Alabama. 
Sarah Mahan
48 Hugh Gordon at hughgordon@mindspring.com states that she died in 1855. Elizabeth Walthall Nunnally
49 There is an Archelaus Nunnelly listed in the 1790 census for Powhatan Co
., Virginia.

1810 Federal Census, Powhatan, Virginia (page 4 ancestry.com) Maybe page 2
33 of census.

Maj. John Nunnally

1 = under 10
1 = 10-15
1 = 16-25
1 = 45 and over

2 = under 10
1 = 10-15
1 = 16-25
1 = 26-44

1820 Census for Georgia, Clarke Co., Salem (page 6 ancestry)

Josiah Nunnally


1820 Census for Georgia, Clarke Co., Salem (page 6 ancestry)

John Nunnally
1 =
1 = 45 or over

1 = to 45 
John Nunnally
50 Josiah Elam Nunnally's Last Will and Testament on the GAGenWeb Project f
or Spalding Co., Ga. Will dated December 8, 1853. Also, in http://genforu
m.genealogy.com/ga/spalding/messages/227.html, under Spalding Co., GA Abst
racted Wills, page 5 of 15 pages. 
Josiah Elam Nunnally

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